Is it weird that I hate hugs.

Like actually hugging.

I can do the quick one arm hug.

But when a friend trys to do the whole two arm full out hug I stop.

I don’t know why!

I’d kiss who ever but I take hugs seriously.

On my birthday my friend tried to full out hug me.. it was the first real hug I’ve had in a long time so I kinda stopped it.

I try my hardest to walk fast so I don’t have to hug good bye or hug hello when I first get where ever.

I see kisses as no big deal it happens when drunk or what eva.

But hugs actually mean something.

It’s really weird just thought I should share.

can’t stop crying.

this sucks.

It’s not fair how girls have a week every month where she has to wear a tampon.

Where she bleeds trough and fucks up her favorite pair of underwear.

But the worst is not being able to have sex.